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Izysea's mission is to connect boaters with marinas. The Izysea application enables resident and visiting boaters to take advantage of all marina services.

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Nouvelle application Izysea pour les plaisanciers
Application nautique - trouvez votre port de plaisance
les plaisanciers utilisent Izysea avant d'arriver au port
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MARINAS information and services in your pocket

Advantages for boaters

A single support, whatever marina you sail in

  • Direct point of entry to the harbour master’s office
  • Access to unique digital tools
  • Services & products from local suppliers
  • Ergonomic and fun tool
Features to suit every need

A multitude of functions

The Izysea application brings together an ecosystem of functions to make life easier for boaters. These functionalities are grouped into major themes for easier reading.

Izysea propose dans son application nautique une multitude de services connectés pour les plaisanciers
Innovative features

Discover the Izysea features ecosystem

Because each marina has different capacities or uses, the features available on a port information form can change from one marina to another.

Port information modules

Communicate more easily with your marina

  • Add your favorite marinas in one click, and find all the usefull information you need, such as :

    • Basic port information (number of berths, vessel’s draught, VHF channel, etc.)
    • Harbour master’s office opening hours
    • Real-time weather
    • A digital safe for storing documents when you’re a resident boater
    • Contact information

Mapping of marina facilities from a list viewpoint or on a map. You’ll find :

  • List of mapped equipments
  • the number of facilities in the marina
  • Equipment geolocation
  • Equipment operational status

Keep up to date with news and events at the port, whether you’re a resident or a visiting boater.

Because the environment is a major issue in the day-to-day management of a marina, Izysea offers integrated functionality to enable marinas to share information on environmental topics directly with boaters.

Any questions? A problem? Ask your question directly to the harbor master’s virtual assistant to get your answer.

  • Alert or be notified live of an event on the water. A malfunctioning terminal? An object floating on the water? Report / Receive a message about any problem.
  • Geolocate alerts.
  • Photo / video description of the report.
  • Help keeping the marina to run smoothly.

  • Use the application’s messaging system to communicate with the harbor master’s office during opening hours.
  • This interface allows you to anticipate your stopover or facilitate communication with the harbor master’s office.

Izysea offers a Marketplace to all marinas in our region, from coastal ports to river ports. You can find this Marketplace on the various port cards, on the mobile application, or on the web version.

To make the Marketplace as dynamic as possible, Izysea relies on players who are experts in their fields, to offer the best possible service to boaters and tourists who frequent marinas. This Marketplace is made up of 4 service categories:

  • Water sports rentals with our partner Spotyride
  • Vehicle rental with Lokki
  • Maintenance and repair with our partner Boatngo
  • Provisioning managed by Izysea software supplied to service providers

How can I join the Izysea marketplace? Contact us now by completing this form.

Pack for resident boaters

To communicate with your residential marina.

As a resident boater, receive your contractual documents with the port directly on your personal space. You can sign and pay for your berth directly on the Izysea application.

  • As an annual boater, do you leave the port for more than 24 hours? Declare a cruise notice to the marina in 2 clicks on the application. This will greatly assist the harbour master’s office in its management of available berths.
  • When you register your cruise notice, you’ll be rewarded with discounts on port services. (feature coming soon)

Use the form on the port page to request a reservation for a port service. Payment must be made directly at the harbour office.

Pack for stopover boaters

To use the best services when stopping at a marina

  • Looking for a stopover in a marina? Make your reservation via our partner Navily directly on the Izysea application.
  • Then, to avoid having to go to the harbor master’s office to register, use the dedicated form to declare your stopover. No more long waiting lines at the harbour master’s office after 4pm.

No more stressing about whether there are any berths left in port for the night. The real time berths feature lets boaters know how many berths are still available in the marina. Reservations can be made by telephone or via our integrated reservation system.

In partnership with Galiléonaut, you are guided from the harbor entrance to your place on the pontoon. This feature makes arriving in an unfamiliar marina a whole lot easier, and way less stressful!

Equipment management pack

To use the equipment on the smart marina

Consult your water and electricity consumption in real time, directly on your Izysea app.

  • This innovation offers total flexibility and advanced security, making life easier for boaters, while guaranteeing instant, unrestricted access to port facilities (sanitary facilities, parking barriers, pontoons and docks access, etc.).
  • Finished are the days of the traditional badge! From now on, boaters can access port facilities via a useful smartphone solution.
  • This feature can be accessed using any smartphone with an NFC chip, i.e. all recent smartphones.


Boaters say it best

"Super app to make marina stopovers easier
I'm so glad this app exists, it's about time we had an initiative to make stopovers easier! I will be able to take advantage of the services offered with complete peace of mind, thank you to the Izysea team".


"I was able to use the services offered on the app by planning my stopovers for the crew. Nice experience.

Useful information.

When I arrived at the Port de Morgat, the dedicated Izysea agent was able to answer my call, giving me a berth and registering me for access to the sanitary facilities and wifi for an easy stopover."


"Great app.
During a stopover in Arcachon, Izysea gave us access to all the port's services. We were able to rent a scooter and get around the town without any hassle.


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