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The system developed by Izysea is not intended to replace your existing software, but rather to add new functionalities to improve the operational efficiency of your harbors and enhance communication with boaters. What sets our solution apart is its ability to handle incoming calls and facilitate interaction with boaters via a single application listing all ports in France, soon to be extended to Europe. In short, our dedicated system provides a more complete and integrated response to your specific communication needs with your boaters, going beyond the traditional functionalities of your business software.

Our priority is to guarantee ease of use for port agents. Our solution integrates directly into your business software, accessible as a widget from within it. What’s more, you’ll have a personal dashboard with all the functions you’ve subscribed to, including management and communication with your yachtsmen, cruise and stopover notices, chat, and equipment management.

Izysea is suitable for all marinas, large or small, modern or old. Indeed, communication with boaters and service management remain essential aspects for all marinas, and our solution offers optimal centralization and visibility.

Using the Izysea application is simple and intuitive! Simply download the application from your favorite store or go to this page, register or log in if you already have an account. Once you’re in the application, explore the different functions according to your needs. To book an overnight stay or declare a cruise, navigate to the relevant options and follow the user-friendly instructions. Take full advantage of the interface’s simplicity to access all port information, keep up to date on news and services, and facilitate your interactions with the harbor master’s office. The Izysea app is designed to make your marina experience as seamless as possible.

To take full advantage of the services offered by Izysea, we recommend that you download our free application. However, we have also set up a web application to allow you to access your Izysea account without having to download the application.
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Our application is completely free of charge.