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Our priority is to guarantee an easy use for marina agents. Our solution integrates directly into your port software, accessible as a widget from it. Furthermore, you’ll have a personal dashboard with all the functions you’ve subscribed to, including management and communication with your boaters, cruise and stopover notices, chat, and equipment management.

The system developed by Izysea is not intended to replace your existing software, but rather to add new functionalities to improve the operational efficiency of your marina and enhance communication with boaters. What sets our solution apart is its ability to handle incoming calls and facilitate interaction with boaters via a single application listing all ports in France, and Europe. To summarise, our dedicated system provides a more complete and integrated response to your specific communication needs with your boaters, going beyond the traditional functionalities of your port software.

Izysea is suitable for all marinas, large or small, modern or old. Indeed, communication with boaters and service management remain essential aspects for all marinas, and our solution offers optimal centralisation and visibility.

It all depends on how you use Navily. We have partnered with Navily, enabling us to offer a complementary check-in service 100% integrated with our application and synchronised with your port software. While Navily is most often used for overnight reservations, our solution integrates as an additional service, enriching the overall experience in terms of port check-in and marina management (reduce the queuing at the harbor master’s office).

Certainly, with increased visibility and better management of your water area, stopovers and cruise notices, Izysea offers you the opportunity to attract more boaters to your port. Even if you currently have a limited number for stopovers, our solution can also benefit your marina’s annual boaters. By considering the development of stopovers, you would be offering all boaters, whether annuals or just passing through, access to the services we offer.

At Izysea, we do our best to adapt to all types of harbors and their boaters. We’ve set up a web application, and the feedback we’ve received from our partner marinas and their boaters has been very positive. For boaters who don’t yet have the app, an e-mail will be sent with each notification issued by the marina, encouraging them to log in to their Izysea account.

Our team of multilingual agents is ready to offer you exceptional service. Our experts are fluent in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese, ensuring smooth, efficient communication to meet your needs. What’s more, our agents are specially trained in maritime vocabulary, guaranteeing appropriate and professional assistance in the nautical area. At Izysea, linguistic diversity and industry expertise combine to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

No, we’re 100% integrated, and you don’t need to change or cancel your port software contract to use Izysea.

More than 1,000 marinas are listed on Izysea (France – DOM TOM – Spain – Portugal – Italy).

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