IzyCall - The Closing hours Pack

In the evenings, at lunchtime and on weekends, when the harbor master’s office is closed, Izysea’s customer service team takes over to answer questions and assist boaters.

IzyCall - Pack fermeture de la capitainerie
Extended opening hours for stopover arrivals

a Closing hours pack?

  • With the Closing hours pack, customer service is available evenings, weekends and when the harbor master’s office is closed, to respond quickly to requests for information and offer berths for stopovers. In the event of a breakdown, user difficulty or simple request for information, our team of agents will provide a fast, efficient solution.
  • In the event of a level 2 call during closing hours, a ticket is created at the harbor master’s office for appropriate follow-up by the port. The boater is also notified that his request has been received, and that a port agent will get back to him the following morning.

IzyCall - pack fermeture - pendant les horaires de fermeture de la capitainerie

Delegate the management of low value-added incoming calls

The creation of our closing hours pack is designed to improve the port's responsiveness, optimise business opportunities, quickly resolve boaters' problems, reinforce customer confidence and adapt smartly to market demands in the nautical sector.

Responsiveness and comprehensive service

By offering a service during the harbor master's office closing hours, Izysea guarantees an immediate response to boaters' requests, reinforcing the quality of the harbor's customer service and customer satisfaction.

Optimising business opportunities

The ability to offer marina berths even outside normal opening hours maximises business opportunities and economic growth for the port.

Proactive problem management

This customer service enables us to quickly resolve any technical problems or queries customers may have. The creation of tickets for Level 2 issues ensures adequate follow-up even outside working hours, contributing to efficient problem resolution.

Strengthening customer confidence

Constant availability, even outside normal opening hours, will demonstrate the port's commitment to its boaters. By creating this link of continuity, the port strengthens customer loyalty and boosts the company's positive reputation, while securing its waterfront.

Adapting to market needs

The unexpected and problems can arise at any time. By offering an out-of-hours service, Izysea adapts to the changing needs of the port by ensuring continuous assistance, which is particularly important in the nautical sector where emergencies can occur at any time.

Improving customer satisfaction

By offering a rapid response to Level 1 calls thanks to overflow service, customer satisfaction increases. Boaters appreciate our availability and responsiveness, even for routine or inspection issues.

IzyCall - Pack astreinte schéma SVI
76% time saving

Operation with the Interactive Voice Server

When a boater calls the port, he or she is greeted directly by a welcome message (IVR), then by an Izysea customer service agent who will deal with the request as quickly as possible.

If the IZYSEA agent is unable to answer level 2 questions, a ticket is created, ensuring appropriate follow-up so that the port can deal with the request as soon as it is opened.

In the event of an emergency, our agents will transfer the call to the emergency contact person, and only in the event of an emergency. 

Calls to Izysea standby agents:

  • Monday to Sunday, 8pm to 10pm.
  • Saturdays from 1pm to 10pm.
  • Sundays from 7am to 10pm.

Our commitments

Customer Service is committed to the following objectives

Service rate

Call acceptance rate equal to or greater than 91%.

Increased availability

Call center unavailability of less than 2 hours.


Take into account seasonal peaks and overloads due to unexpected incidents.

Up-to-date database

Validation of customer information in the database and addition of new boaters.

Multi-channel communication

Various multi-channel services such as telephone, chat, SMS and emailing

Expert agents

Experienced agents trained in customer issues. They are led and supervised by a manager, responsible for the quality of the message, and by a project manager, responsible for the smooth running of the operation and the customer's main contact.

Based in France

Teams operate in Maine et Loire (49) and Morbihan (56) and speak French, English, Spanish and Italian.

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