Izysea integrates with your port management software

Izysea brings you new tools to simplify communication with your boaters, while ensuring efficient synchronisation of information with your port software, saving you precious time.
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Izysea integrates with all port management software

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Are you using another marina management software?

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Integrating your port software

  • No change to the visual interface or to the port software’s operating procedures.
  • Addition of complementary functionalities to the port software.
  • Instant access to information provided by Izysea thanks to the addition of a widget directly integrated into the port software.
  • Improved responsiveness and visual modernisation of port software to meet current needs.
Time saving - Simplicity - Speed

Advantages of Izysea integration

  1. Time-saving: Real-time notifications keep you informed without having to switch within multiple platforms. Focus on what really matters to you, by saving time with the everyday tasks at your marina.
  2. No more repetitive manual data entry: integration ensures data consistency between the two systems, eliminating the risk of errors and duplication.
  3. Simplified processes: Integration facilitates the transition of information between the two software programs, creating a smooth, seamless user experience.
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Izysea takes care of everything

How do I get started?

Integration with your central software is quick and easy. Our technical team will configure the necessary parameters to ensure perfect synchronisation.

So you can enjoy the full benefits of Izysea without disrupting your everyday operations.

Izysea s'intègre parfaitement avec votre logiciel métier

Integration process

As soon as the marina agrees:

  1. Izysea contacts the port software to obtain the integration agreement (if first contact with the software).
  2. The port contacts the port software to confirm bilateral integrations.
  3. Once confirmation has been received from both parties, the interconnection between the port software and Izysea begins.

Ready to optimise your port management?

Contact us today to find out more about how Izysea can seamlessly integrate with your port management software. Save your team valuable time.