Unique solution for marinas

Optimise the operational management of your coastal marina.

IzyHub fonctionnalités innovantes pour améliorer la communication entre les plaisanciers et les ports de plaisance maritime

Unique solution for marinas

If your marina is located along the coast, Izysea is there to optimize your operational management. We work on the unique challenges facing coastal marinas, from coordinating boat movements to ensuring smooth communication with visiting boaters. Izysea offers an integrated solution that improves the efficiency of incoming call management and facilitates interactions with boaters.

Advantages for the marina

Advantages for boaters

Features preferred by marinas

Every feature is tailored to the needs of marinas. Here are just a few of the features you'll appreciate.

24/7 customer service

Relieve your port agents and activate the incoming call management service.


Report or be notified when a problem occurs on the water within the marina.

Contract renewal

Your resident boaters can now renew their contracts online.

Equipment mapping

Your port's equipment is precisely mapped, along with its operational status.

Cruise notices

Your boaters can now declare their cruise notice when they leave for more than 24 hours. Time-saving and simplicity to optimise berths. One click and your water area is automatically updated.

Real-time berths

Take the stress out of stopover boaters and display the number of remaining berths in real time. Attract more stopover boaters too.

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