IzyCall - Incoming call management tool

IZYSEA revolutionises the marina experience by introducing the very first personalised remote customer service. The aim of this initiative is to support marinas by providing specialised assistance for boaters, accessible remotely.

Izycall Outil de gestion des appels entrants

IzyCall - Delegate your customer service

Izysea agents take over, so you can concentrate on your high added-value tasks.

Call center with dedicated agents

A team of agents is trained for your marina, and takes over during the day or the closing hours of the harbor master's office.

Multilingual interactive voice server

An IVR defined together to best answer incoming calls.

Customisable messages

Personalise up to 3 messages included in your contract.

IzyCall, personalised customer service at any time of day

The customer (the marina) wants to optimise the efficiency of its port teams in two fronts:

1 – During opening hours, rely on IZYSEA’s customer service to answer and assist boaters with “level 1” requests, i.e. to provide information on the organisation of the marina.

2 – During the harbor master’s office closing hours, at lunchtime and at weekends, answer calls from boaters, for information and/or to offer a berth for stopovers.

Izycall gestion des appels entrants
Izycall - Gestion des appels entrants des plaisanciers
IzyCall - Service client personnalisé

76% time saving

Opening hours Pack

Izysea’s customer service handles low value-added requests (level 1), representing 76% of calls to the harbor master’s office, providing information on the organisation of the marina.

Level 2 calls are routed to the harbor master’s office, and if there is no answer, a ticket is created.

This enables the port agent to free himself from low-value calls (level 1) and concentrate on high-value requests (level 2).


Closing hours pack

In the evenings, at weekends, or when the harbor master’s office is closed, our service aims to respond quickly to inquiries and offer berths for stopovers.

In the event of a breakdown, difficulty in use or a simple request for information, our agents are available to provide a fast, efficient solution. If the agent is unable to answer the boater’s question due to a level 2 issue, a ticket is created for appropriate follow-up by the harbor master’s office as soon as it is opened.

No more listening to the answering machine every morning, all requests received during your closing hours will be notified to you on your Izysea software.

IzyCall - Pack astreinte schéma SVI
Une expérience des centres d'appel depuis plus de 20 ans

Unique knowledge

Over 20 years' experience in call centers

Izysea has teamed up with Clientela. An expert in customer relations for 20 years, Clientela has a team of agents operating in Maine et Loire (49) and Morbihan (56). Our agents are experienced and trained in marina issues.

Each marina has dedicated agents who know the harbor perfectly. The teams speak French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English. Contact usif you have specific language requirements.

Frequently asked questions

The terms “level 1 call” and “level 2 call” refer to the way in which calls are handled and routed, depending on their complexity or the need to transfer them to specific agents or departments. In the context of a marina using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to handle incoming calls from boaters :

  • Level 1 call:
    • The marina’s IVR is the first level of call answering.
    • Boaters can call the marina number to obtain basic information such as opening hours, berth rates, available services, etc.
    • The IVR guides callers through an interactive voice menu to provide pre-recorded information and answer simple requests without the need for a human agent. For example, instructions on berth availability or general information about the port.
  • Level 2 call:
    • If boaters have more complex needs or specific requests that cannot be resolved by the Level 1 IVR, they can be transferred to a port agent or Izysea agent.
    • These Level 2 calls can include more detailed requests, such as specific reservations, technical problems, emergency situations or service requests requiring human interaction.
    • The IVR can route these calls to specialised marina agent for further assistance, or transfer them to Izysea agent.

By using an IVR, the marina can optimise the management of boater calls by offering an automated first response for simple requests, while efficiently directing more complex calls to human resources or specialised service options for dedicated assistance.

An “incoming call” refers to a telephone call from an external user to a marina agent. In the context of a marina, an “incoming call” may come from a visiting or resident boater who contacts marina agent for a variety of reasons, such as :

  • Inquiries: Boaters can call for information on marina facilities, mooring rates, available services, etc.
  • Reservations or Planning: They may call to reserve a berth, plan a stopover or make changes to their parking arrangements.
  • Reporting Incidents or Problems: In the event of an emergency, technical problem or any other incident occurring in the port (for example, a problem with a mooring), boaters can call to report the situation to marina staff.
  • Assistance & Support: Boaters can contact the port to request assistance or additional information during their stay, such as advice on local services, tourist attractions, etc.

As part of a marina management system, the management of incoming calls from boaters can be integrated into the software to enable marina agents to track, record and manage these communications in an organised way. This includes documenting calls, managing requests, following up on reported problems and providing quality customer service to meet boaters’ needs in an efficient and professional way.

When a marina is looking for customer service software, it’s essential to consider several aspects specific to the marine industry to make the best choice for its needs. Here are a few points to consider when choosing customer service software for a marina:

  • Features specific to the maritime sector :
    • Boater management: Ability to track and manage boaters in the marina.
    • Real-time communication: A system for communicating effectively with boaters, informing them of events, cruise notices, etc.
    • Tracking requests and incidents: Ability to manage and resolve incidents reported by boaters.
    • Stopover planning: Tools for planning and managing boat stopovers.
    • Subscription management: Ability to manage boater subscription information.
  • Ease of use and implementation :
    • User-friendly, intuitive interface for easy handling by port agents.
    • Easy integration with other systems already in use in the port, such as existing management software.
  • Accessibility and compatibility :
    • Accessible from various devices (computers, smartphones, tablets) for remote management.
    • Compatible with various web browsers for maximum accessibility.
  • Data security :
    • Guaranteed security and confidentiality of boaters’ data.
    • Protective measures to prevent unauthorised access or data loss.
  • Customer support and technical assistance :
    • Reactive customer support to quickly resolve any problems.
    • Training options for users to optimise software use.
  • Cost and flexibility :
    • Flexible pricing model adapted to the size and specific needs of the port.
    • Free trials or demos to assess the suitability of the software for the marina.
  • Feedback and recommendations :
    • Consult the opinions of other marinas using similar solutions to assess their feedback.
    • Get recommendations from maritime associations and industry professionals.
    • By evaluating these aspects and taking into account the specific needs of the marina, it will be possible to choose a customer service software package that best meets operational requirements and enhances the boater experience while facilitating overall marina management.

Izysea answers all these points. Request a free demo

For a marina, using a tool such as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) offers several significant advantages:

  • Enhanced call management:
    • Intelligent call routing: The IVR can route callers to the right information or department, reducing staff workload for simple requests.
    • 24/7 availability: Provides automated response and basic information even outside office hours, improving boater satisfaction.
  • Improving the customer experience:
    • Fast, accurate answers: Provides immediate information on rates, services, schedules, etc., improving the customer experience.
    • Message personalization: Customise messages to deliver a more engaging customer experience tailored to the marina’s specific needs.
  • Optimising human resources :
    • Reduced waiting time: Reduces caller waiting time by providing automated information, allowing agents to focus on more complex requests.
    • Call sorting: classifies calls by level of complexity, enabling the marina team to concentrate on the most specific requests (level 2).
  • More efficient request management :
    • Simple request management: Handles simple requests such as general information, berth availability, etc., without human intervention.
    • Call recording: Record calls for follow-up, training or incident documentation purposes.
  • Flexibility and scalability :
    • Adaptability to changing needs: Can be configured to meet specific marina needs, with the option of adding new features as requirements change.
    • Expandability: If the port grows, the IVR can be easily adapted to handle a greater volume of calls.
  • Cost reduction :
    • Optimisation of resources: Reduces the need for personnel to respond to basic requests, thus optimising operating costs.
    • Fewer unresolved calls: By routing calls correctly, this can reduce unresolved calls or boater complains.

In short, integrating an IVR into marina call management can not only improve operational efficiency, but also deliver a more satisfying customer experience by providing fast, accurate responses, while saving marina agents time and reducing call management costs.

Izysea organizes call management efficiently thanks to a detailed operational schedule, divided into different categories:

Daytime calls :

  • Monday to Friday, 7am to 8pm.
  • Saturday from 7am to 1pm.

Standby calls :

  • Saturdays from 1pm to 10pm.
  • Sundays from 7am to 10pm.
  • Monday to Sunday, 8pm to 10pm.

This structure enables us to ensure optimum availability to meet your needs throughout the week, according to the specific requirements of each time slot.

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