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Optimise your marina experience with our innovative application that revolutionises communication between boaters and the harbor master’s office. Thanks to this intuitive platform, boaters have access to 100% of the marina’s relevant information, facilitating their stay. Get real-time weather conditions, available locations, services and much more.

The key advantage lies in the ability to book all marina services directly via the app. Whether for a berth, maintenance services, or other amenities, boaters can plan and book in just a few clicks, simplifying the process and ensuring a smooth experience. Streamline your communications, access all the information you need and organise your stay in a practical way, thanks to our application dedicated to marinas.

Absolutely! You can not only book an overnight stay, but also declare a cruise notice directly from our app. Simplify the process and organise your stay in just a few clicks. Our application offers a convenient, centralised solution for all your bookings and declarations, saving you time and allowing you to make the most of your marina experience.

If your marina has opted for our incoming call management solution, our service will remain available for you, even when the marina is not open. So any boater calling in will receive a guaranteed response from 7am to 10pm, 365 days a year. Enjoy reliable, continuous support, even outside traditional business hours, for a worry-free experience every time.

Using the Izysea application is simple and intuitive! Simply download the application from your favorite store, register or log in if you already have an account. Once you’re in the application, explore the different functions according to your needs. To book an overnight stay or declare a cruise notice, navigate to the relevant options and follow the user-friendly instructions. Take full advantage of the interface’s simplicity to access all port information, keep up to date on news and services, and facilitate your interactions with the harbor master’s office. The Izysea app is designed to make your marina experience as seamless as possible.

Even if you’re just passing through, make the most of your time in port by downloading our dedicated application. Enjoy a hassle-free experience by staying informed about news, services and opportunities at the port. Whether you’re a regular boater or just passing through, the app saves you time by giving you quick access to all the information you need. Simplify your stay, stay connected to the latest updates, and make the most of your time in port with our intuitive app. Download it now for smoother navigation and an optimal port experience.

To take full advantage of the services offered by Izysea, we recommend that you download our free application. However, we have also set up a web application to allow you to access your Izysea account without having to download the application. For boaters who don’t yet have the app, an e-mail will be sent with each notification issued by the port, encouraging them to log in to their Izysea account.

No, unlike other white-label port applications, Izysea includes all ports in its application. This means you can access all ports from a single application, Izysea.

Discover freedom with our application! Take advantage of all features for free, as our application is completely free of charge.

More than 1,000 marinas are listed on Izysea (France – DOM TOM – Spain – Portugal – Italy).

Today, our application offers transparent and efficient communication between boaters and the harbour master’s office. However, please note that, for the time being, the boater-to-boater communication feature is not available. We are constantly striving to enrich our application, and plan to add this functionality in the future. In the meantime, take full advantage of the ease of direct communication with the harbor master’s office to meet all your needs, and make sure you’re constantly informed and assisted during your stay at the port.

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