Izysea offers the best services thanks to its partners

Izysea has selected service partners to provide boaters with the best services to be found in the mobile application.
Izysea s'allie à des partenaires de confiance pour offrir les meilleurs sevices nautiques

Integrated services

Wherever you are in the world

Capt'n Boat

Directly integrated into the Izysea application, the boater can request a quote for the services of a professional crew. Skipper, captain, hostess or other, Capt'n Boat puts you in touch with professional sailors with verified qualifications. Whether on a powerboat or sailboat, for coaching, delivery or support, it has never been easier to call on a professional sailor.


Our partnership with Navily, integrated into our dedicated application, enables you to reserve a berth in a marina. Thanks to this seamless integration, the partnership with Navily offers boaters an easier boating experience than ever before.


Our partnership with Galileonaut, integrated into our Izysea application, offers boaters a brand new guidance service, accompanying them from the harbor entrance to their berth in complete safety. Combined with our existing functionalities and access to our partners' services, this integration offers a complete, secure navigation experience that meets the needs of our boaters.


Izysea supports the marina in providing personalised remote customer service thanks to dedicated agents who are experienced and trained to respond to nautical customer issues. Clientela supports us in this objective. A multi-channel expert in customer relationship for 20 years, Clientela is a call center specialised in outbound and inbound call management. A nautical branch has been specially created for Izysea.


As a software company specialised in call center solutions, Vocalcom works closely with Izysea to deliver an exceptional omnichannel customer experience. The company stands out for its ability to provide Izysea with innovative tools, enabling efficient management of customer interactions. Agents benefit from Vocalcom's sophisticated software solutions, integrated with the Izysea platform, to optimise interaction management, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

Partner services

Find partners according to their presence in your port


Lokki is the booking tool for any means of transportation near a marina. Bicycles, scooters etc... With Lokki it's never been easier to book your moving around during a stopover.


Spotyride, a tool to answer the needs of water sports enthusiasts who want to know what water sports activities are available at their holiday destination, with over 1,500 water sports spots in more than 35 countries.


Boatngo helps boaters find the right service provider to maintain their boat. All services are referenced to offer boaters the right service provider for their location. if Boatngo refers service providers in your marina

Institutional partners & incubators

Financial Partners

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