IzyHub : Discover the 4 different packs in detail

To better meet the specific needs of users and provide added value tailored to each marina, Izysea has created 4 distinct communication packs Each package is carefully designed to offer targeted functionality tailored to specific port needs, guaranteeing a personalised and efficient experience.

IzyHub découvrez nos 4 packs de fonctionnalités dédiés aux ports de plaisance
Innovative features

IzyHub - 4 different packs

IzyHub offers a full range of features to meet your communication needs with your boaters

Izysea application nautique multi device

Pro pack

To optimise your marina and communicate more effectively


The Pro pack is the basic pack provided to all our partner ports, designed to highlight and centralise essential port information. It also simplifies communication with boaters by providing a central point of support. This kit will enable the port to improve its visibility and progress in its digitalisation process. The marina’s referencing on the IZYSEA website and application, together with the marina’s constructive work, enables it to display the following information to resident and visiting boaters.

  • Marina internal services
  • Port communication
  • Digital port safe
  • Service mapping
  • Port photos
  • Port logo
  • Contact
  • Link to websites
  • Webcam
  • Weather service
  • Social networks
  • Port labels
  • External services and IZYSEA Marketplace
  • Team training

The port’s equipment is mapped in 2 possible views:

  • A list of all port facilities (electricity, water, fuel stations, visitor pontoons, harbor master’s office, sanitary facilities, etc.) is provided on the port sheet. Their number is unlimited.
  • Harbour facilities are geolocated on a map of the marina, so that boaters can find out where a particular facility is located in just 2 clicks.

The port also has the option of informing boaters of the functionality or otherwise of the equipment with a red sticker.

The system developed by Izysea enables the port to communicate its events and news to all resident and stopover boaters in just 2 clicks.

On the port page, boaters have access to events and news, and can register their interest.

Because the environment is a major issue in the day-to-day management of a marina, Izysea offers integrated functionality to enable marinas to share information on environmental topics directly with boaters.

The system, developed by Izysea, enables the harbor master’s office and boaters to communicate with each other via a digital channel.

All communications are recorded in the software and on the application.

This interface enables the port to provide the most frequently requested information and to process requests for information without the intervention of port personnel.

Izysea offers marinas and boaters the report service.

This feature enables marinas to provide real-time alerts of events on the water and/or on a boat.

It also enables boaters to alert the port of an event. In just 2 clicks on the application, the boater can declare and geolocate the issue.

Live chat enables the port to communicate with its boaters via the Izysea communication software. What’s more, it provides an efficient follow-up and history of conversations, as well as the possibility of exchanging useful documents for the port (technical data sheets, boater documentation, etc.). Thanks to this tool, communication between the harbour master’s office and boaters via the “Marina-boaters” digital channel has never been so fast.

Izysea offers a Marketplace to all marinas in our region, from coastal ports to river ports. You can find this Marketplace on the various port cards, on the mobile application, or on the web version.

To make the Marketplace as dynamic as possible, Izysea relies on players who are experts in their fields, to offer the best possible service to boaters and tourists who frequent marinas. This Marketplace is made up of 4 service categories:

  • Water sports rentals with our partner Spotyride
  • Vehicle rental with Lokki
  • Maintenance and repair with our partner Boatngo
  • Provisioning managed by Izysea software supplied to service providers

How can I join the Izysea marketplace? Contact us now by completing this form.

3 optional packs

Residents Pack

To communicate with resident boaters


Pack focused on the relationship with your annual boaters. It will enable you to effectively improve the management of your waterfront and your revenues by offering optimised services for annual boaters.

Thanks to this service, marinas can now send contract renewals directly via their IZYSEA space. This simplified approach will enable ports to sign up boaters remotely, and thus simplify contract renewals. With automated reminders, the port ensures efficient follow-up of renewals, making administrative management easier.

This feature enables marinas to group together cruise notices from annual cruisers. Thanks to this, you can optimise the waterfront to increase port revenues and the efficiency of your agents. The port is alerted of the boater’s cruise notification request from the port software.

The aim of this functionality is to set up an efficient system enabling ports to develop and simplify the booking of their handling services.

The aim is to make the booking process for port services more accessible, by reducing administrative formalities and offering an intuitive approach.
The port will receive notifications from its personal space, and users will be able to select the services required, specify the details of their request, and receive fast confirmation from the Izysea application.

By promoting speed and simplicity, the booking service helps boost revenues and customer satisfaction, while enhancing the port’s attraction.

You now have the opportunity to set up an incentive system for boaters to declare their cruise notices.
The objective? Increase cruise notification declarations and revenues for the port. Gamification is combined with a marketplace, offering discounts on port services.

Stopover Pack

To communicate with boaters stopping over at your marina


This pack, designed to help you communicate with your visiting boaters, will help you reduce queues at the harbor master’s office and the pressure on port agents at the pic of the season. You’ll also be encouraging more boaters into the marina, with a goal of increasing revenues.

Directly on the Izysea mobile application, boaters can register their stopovers to reduce long queues at the harbor master’s office. The port has access to information about the boater and his boat directly from its port software, which saves the marina a considerable amount of time.

Payment is always made at the harbor office, during opening hours. This frees up the port agent’s time, allowing him or her to concentrate more on important tasks.

By choosing the stopover pack, the port can display the number of available berths in real time to all boaters looking for a place to spend the night. By showing boaters the number of berths available, without disclosing the specific location, the port becomes more attractive and can generate more revenue from stopovers, without any additional effort on the part of the agents.

The use of port guidance, integrated into the port of call package, simplifies the arrival of yachts to the berth assigned by the harbor master’s office, improving the efficiency of the mooring process in the port. One less source of stress for boaters unfamiliar with the marina.

Boaters receive an SMS with a clickable link to open a precise route to their berth.

Equipment Pack

For a complete digital transition of marinas


With this equipment package, the port digitalizes the management of consumption by its yachtsmen, as well as access to port infrastructures.

Real-time display of water and electricity consumption for boaters is a real time-saver for port agents. The port takes advantage of this feature to display each boater’s consumption, manage credit recharging and pay for consumption.

From now on, the port will be able to centralise the management of access controls for boaters via their smartphones, eliminating the need for traditional badges to open port entrance gates and gain access to pontoons, sanitary facilities and showers. This advance guarantees total flexibility, enhances safety, and enriches the services offered by the port to its boaters.

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