IzyCall - The Opening hours pack

During the day, Izysea’s customer service team takes over during peak periods to answer questions and assist boaters.

IzyCall - Gestion des appels entrants
For a never overwhelmed secretary

an opening hours pack?

The daytime service (during opening hours) was created to optimise the management of calls to the harbor master’s office.

Port agents do not always have the possibility or the time to answer all incoming calls during the day. The daytime service acts as a support and call filter.

We found that more than 76% of calls received by the harbor master’s office are low added-value calls for the port, requiring the mobilisation of one or more agents.

Izycall pack ouverture

Delegate the management of low added-value incoming calls

Some reasons why overflow service is particularly important

Better workload distribution

By redirecting Level 1 calls to Izysea's specialised customer service, the harbor master's office can better manage employee workloads. This allows the team to concentrate on more urgent and complex tasks, while ensuring that even the simplest requests are answered.

Prioritising emergencies

By letting the overflow service handle Level 1 requests, the harbor master's office can concentrate on more complex and urgent situations requiring specific expertise.

Improving customer satisfaction

By offering a rapid response to Level 1 calls thanks to overflow service, customer satisfaction increases. Boaters appreciate our availability and responsiveness, even for routine or inspection issues.

Reduced waiting time

Customers shouldn't have to wait on the phone indefinitely. Our agents can act quickly and handle most requests, reducing overall waiting time for all callers.

Follow-up on unresolved requests

If the harbor master's office is unable to respond immediately to a Level 2 request, the ticket creation process ensures proper follow-up and great resolution of these requests.

Multilingual contacts

Trained agents speak several languages. Boaters appreciate having someone to talk to who speaks their language.

IzyCall - Service client personnalisé
76% time saving

Operation with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enabled

When a boater calls the port, he is greeted by a welcome message inviting him to choose between different options (defined by the port and Izysea).

Depending on the request, the yachtsman will be redirected to Izysea or the port to get the most precise answer possible.

IVR is optional. Find out how it works without this option.

76% time saving

Izysea agents handle Level 1 calls

Examples of calls handled directly by agents:
  • Information about the port, the town & its tourist services
  • Information for a port of call, rates for port services, various timetables (harbor master’s office, lock, sill).
  • Reservation of a port service (handling, careening area, bicycle…).
Izycall gestion des appels entrants
IzyCall Pack journée - fonctionnement sans le SVI
76% time saving

Operation without Interactive Voice Response activated

  • For ports that prefer not to opt for an Interactive Voice Server (IVS), we have set up a call management architecture that ensures that all calls go directly to Izysea agents.
  • Our agents then classify the calls into two categories: Level 1 calls handled by our teams and Level 2 calls transferred to port agents.
  • If there is no response from a port agent, the call is transferred back to the Izysea agents, who process the request by generating a ticket in the Izysea software. This ticket is sent to the harbor master’s office with the caller’s personal details, information about the boat and the caller’s observations. The harbor master’s office then takes care of the follow-up by contacting the caller by phone, e-mail, chat or SMS.
  • IVR is an IzyCall option. It can be disabled during installation.

Our commitments

Customer Service is committed to the following objectives

Service rate

Call acceptance rate equal to or greater than 91%.

Increased availability

Call center unavailability of less than 2 hours.


Take into account seasonal peaks and overloads due to unexpected incidents.

Up-to-date database

Validation of customer information in the database and addition of new boaters.

Multi-channel communication

Various multi-channel services such as telephone, chat, SMS and emailing.

Expert agents

Experienced agents trained in customer issues. They are led and supervised by a supervisor, responsible for the quality of the message, and by a project manager, responsible for the smooth running of the operation and the customer's main contact.

Based in France

Teams operate in Maine et Loire (49) and Morbihan (56) and speak French, English, Spanish and Italian.

Closure pack

Activate customer service outside harbor master's office opening hours.

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